About me

Hi there, I’m Jo

I’m a mid-40’s wife, mother & owner of 3 pets. I spend my days being a beancounter, working from home and walking my dog (but really all I do is think about food).

I first remember baking around the age of 8 or so, pretending to be a presenter of the TV show ‘Why Don’t You?’ with my siblings, and learnt to cook by loitering in the kitchen watching my parents.

I love to cook and bake, and am the kind of person who offers you sustenance the minute you walk through our door. I also enjoy trying new recipes and revisiting old ones, so this blog is my way of keeping track of them all.

Other than hazelnuts and tahini there’s very little that I don’t like to eat, and my taste in food is eclectic. I grew up eating a mix of English and Turkish food and I find that when I’m particularly missing my father then cooking something he loved brings me great comfort.

I’m very happy when pottering around in the kitchen, probably listening to Radio 4 or a podcast, probably with my dog very near by just in case there’s any cheese that might ‘accidentally’ fall to the floor. She can also hear the difference between a dishwasher being packed and unpacked, and only comes running if a little pre-wash might be necessary.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these recipes – some are family favourites, some are new things that I’ve come across, tried and loved, and by recording them here I’ll be able to make them again and again.