Ice cream

This is a Public Service Announcement. Go forth and make ice cream because it’s waaaaaaay easier than you might think! Two ingredients plus whatever flavours you care to throw at it, and no ice cream machine needed. Thanks once more to the wonder that is Nigella Lawson for the coffee ice cream recipe, but the other flavours I’ve made up using what I happened to have around. Easy peasy.

Chopped fresh cherries with almond essence


300ml double cream

175g condensed milk


2 tbsp espresso powder

and 2 tbsp coffee liqueur


A big handful of fresh cherries

and 1 tsp almond essence


Half pack of chopped Oreos

Fresh berries

Raspberry puree

Any kind of liqueur

Cookie dough lumps

Chopped chocolate

Anything you can think of


  1. Put the cream and condensed milk into a large bowl and whip together using an electric hand whisk until soft peaks form.
  2. Stir in the flavourings, then scrape into whatever kind of freezable tub you feel like using.
  3. Leave in the freezer for 6 hours, and that’s it!
My daughter’s favourite – chopped Oreo
Best coffee ice cream evs (thanks Nigella!)

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