So it turns out that granola is really easy to make, and by making my own I can leave out all the bits that I don’t want such as dried fruit (disagrees with me) and hazelnuts (yuck) and I can add in more of the stuff I do like (anything almond based). Fling in some… Continue reading Granola


Or if, like us, you’ve watched Friday Night Dinners, it’s crimble crumble. Simply the best way to deal with any fruit that needs eating up – this time around its plums and a random bag of frozen mixed berries I found in the freezer. Technically it should look a little more, well, crumbly, than this… Continue reading Crumble

Date Crumble Slice

I think my family possibly love this oaty date crumble slice more than they actually love me. It is indeed very good, but really? This makes about 24 delightful squares. Ingredients Dates: 300g pitted dried dates, chopped 250ml water Crumble: 300g softened butter (I use stork) 330g light brown sugar 390g plain flour 3/4 tsp… Continue reading Date Crumble Slice