Coco loco

C’mon summer, hurry up so that I can lounge around in my garden supping these please! Just 4 ingredients, very simple to knock up, and utterly delicious to drink. Well done Waitrose Food Magazine, this has become a regular in our house, and surely the inclusion of coconut water makes it healthy, right?

Ingredients (per glass)

5 cardamom pods

60ml coconut rum (eg Malibu)

30ml coconut water

15ml lime juice


  1. Crush the cardamom pods a little, then fling them in a cocktail shaker along with the other ingredients and plenty of ice.
  2. Wrap the shaker in a tea towel and shake vigorously until you find that the tea towel has frozen to the shaker (or at least that’s what always happens to me), then strain into a small glass.
  3. My preferred music to listen to with this particular drink is of course Loco in Acapulco by The Four Tops.

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