After the wettest May on record, June has arrived and the sun has most definitely got it’s hat on, hip hip hip hooray! This is the drink that I want at the end of a long sunshine filled day (especially after a day of gardening, yes I’m middle aged), I think it’s the freshness of the lime and mint together that really works for me. Aaaaaaannnnnd relax. Serves 1.


3 tsp sugar

6 ish mint leaves

15ml fresh lime juice

45ml white rum


Soda water

Extra lime wedge


  1. Put the sugar, mint leaves, and lime juice in your glass and use a cocktail muddler (if you have one) or the handle end of a wooden spoon to bash the mint around a bit and dissolve the sugar.
  2. Tip in the rum.
  3. Fling in some ice.
  4. Top with soda water (or mineral water, its basically the same thing) and give it all a stir.
  5. Squeeze over an extra wedge of lime and drop it in for good measure.
  6. Drink and feel boozily refreshed.

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