Vodka Martini

I’m not entirely sure that this qualifies as a recipe because its so simple, but I’m putting it here as an aide mémoire for when I next want one. The key is to keep everything as numbingly cold as you possibly can – so that means Vodka that’s been in the freezer overnight at the very least, vermouth from the fridge, and ice. If my freezer wasn’t always full of random things (frozen egg whites, bags of frozen fruit to make smoothies, un-named tupperware full of what could be either sweet or savoury who knows what), then I’d shove the martini glasses in there too. Finally I prefer a not too dry martini, so I use Martini Blanc vermouth, but that’s just me – you can use whatever kind of vermouth floats your boat, and make it even drier by upping the vodka to vermouth ratio.


3 measures Vodka

1 measure Vermouth



  1. Make sure everything is super cold, as in freezer cold for the vodka, fridge cold for the vermouth.
  2. Fill a tumbler with ice, add the vodka and vermouth and stir well.
  3. Strain into a preferably ice cold martini glass, annnnnnnnnd relax.

Add a twist of lemon peel, or an olive to garnish or olive brine to make a dirty martini.

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