Another Paul Hollywood recipe, because he knows everything there is to know about bread, obvs. I tend to hum along to Fou de Fafa by Flight of the Conchords when making baguettes, or listen to my entire La Belle France playlist that I made a couple of years ago which features classics like Chanson d’Amour,… Continue reading Baguettes


Aka White Bread. This is one of Paul Hollywood’s recipes, and, lets face it, what Paul doesn’t know about bread isn’t worth knowing. It’s amazing what four simple ingredients can make, and this bread is yummy, straightforward and makes wonderful sandwiches and toast. Ingredients 500g strong white bread flour 7g fast action dried yeast 10g… Continue reading Bloomer


On Fridays we eat pizza, and this recipe for both dough and sauce works every time. All it takes is a bit of forward planning and (assume your best Tommy Cooper voice) Just Like That you have the makings of a wonderful evening. Just add toppings of your choice, and wine. Oh and this dough… Continue reading Pizza


If I could only ever eat one type of bread again, it would be Pide. I think its the nigella seeds that do it really, but this bread instantly makes me feel like I’m on holiday in Turkey. And lets face it, pretty much all the time I’d rather be on holiday in Turkey. It’s… Continue reading Pide


A bread recipe that doesn’t need endless kneading? Oh yes indeedy. Be warned however, you need to give yourself a 10-24 hour head start while the dough works its magic. Other than that, its a breeze. Ingredients 400g strong white bread flour 1 tsp fast action dried yeast 1 tsp free flowing salt (for the… Continue reading Focaccia