Aperol sour

I like an Aperol spritz for it’s speed, simplicity, and the sociability of a longer shared drink, but when I have the time to make it and am in the mood for a cocktail, I’d rather drink this Aperol Sour – I think that’s because it is reminiscent of a Negroni, which I adore (you can find a recipe for that on this very blog!). A bit bitter, a bit sweet, but bursting with Orange, this is an exceedingly good way to start a weekend. Snoozing cat optional.

Ingredients – makes 2

90ml gin (any London dry works well)

70ml Aperol

45ml fresh lemon juice

30ml Cointreau

15ml sugar syrup

Plenty of ice

A twist of orange peel


  1. Fling everything bar the orange zest into a cocktail shaker, wrap it in a tea towel and shake very well.
  2. Strain into glasses, twist in the orange peel to release the oils, and serve.

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