Beetroot, goats cheese, dill + lentil salad

(Assume your best Chandler Bing voice) Could this salad BE any prettier?Well maybe if the lentils weren’t there, but I do love the pink and green together. This salad is seriously delicious and isn’t so much cooking as bunging stuff on a plate so do use any kind of leaves and greenery that you have… Continue reading Beetroot, goats cheese, dill + lentil salad

Smoked mackerel, orange + almond salad

I’d forgotten all about this salad, then remembered it when standing staring inside the fridge looking for something for lunch and spotted some mackerel and half an orange – eureka! Consequently I’ve eaten it twice this week. Yums. I’ve even managed to get my salad hating teenager to admit that its ‘ok’. High praise indeed.… Continue reading Smoked mackerel, orange + almond salad

Potato salad, Turkish style

Every single BBQ we ever had when I was a child featured this potato salad, and now I seem to make it for every BBQ, picnic or garden party I go to. It turns out that when potatoes, red onions, tomatoes & vinaigrette meet, they have a party. Who knew? (answer, my father!) Ingredients Salad:… Continue reading Potato salad, Turkish style