Veggie bean chilli

The Teen has declared that she not only prefers this to a meaty chilli, but she also thinks it may well be in her top 10 favourite meals. So far we’ve eaten it with rice, baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, in a wrap like a burrito, and with tortilla chips to create nachos with all the trimmings, so I think we can agree that it’s a hit. Don’t skip the pickled red onion slices, they’re amazing and super easy to make. Serves 6.



2 tbsp olive oil

2 onions, diced

4 garlic cloves, crushed

Small bunch of coriander, leaves + stalks separated and chopped

2 bay leaves

1 tbsp smoked paprika

1 tbsp ground cumin

2 tsp dried oregano

1.5 tsp ground cinnamon

0.5 tsp chilli flakes

2 x 400g cans kidney beans

1 x 400g can cannelini beans

1 x 400g can black beans

1 x 400g tinned chopped tomatoes

75g dark chocolate, chopped

(Note: use dairy free chocolate and then it becomes a vegan chilli)

Pickled red onions:

1 small red onion, thinly sliced

1 lime, juiced

1 tsp sugar

0.5 tsp salt flakes


  1. Heat the oil in a large deep frying pan or saucepan and fry the onions, garlic, a big pinch of salt and the chopped coriander stalks for 5 minutes until starting to soften. Scoop out a couple of large spoonfuls and put them into a blender (but don’t blend it yet).
  2. Add in the spices and fry for another couple of minutes.
  3. Drain 3 of the 4 cans of beans and add in to the pan, along with the fourth can including its bean liquid, and the tinned tomatoes.
  4. Stir the whole lot together and simmer for 15 minutes.
  5. Make the pickled onions by mixing together all of the ingredients. Seriously that’s it.
  6. Chop the coriander leaves and add half to the beans, then remove a third of the mix and add it to the blender and blitz until smooth. Stir back into the beans.
  7. Mix in the chopped chocolate until completely melted and combined.
  8. Check the seasoning, drain the onions, and serve with the remaining coriander and a lime wedge or two.

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