Buttermilk chicken with spicy coleslaw

Winner winner chicken dinner. A little forward prep is needed with this one (to marinate the chicken), but then it’s easy peasy. Whole chicken thighs with bone in + skin on work well too, but this time around I’ve cut boneless chicken into pieces. The coleslaw is zingy and delicious and onion free for those… Continue reading Buttermilk chicken with spicy coleslaw

Korean sesame chicken

My teenage BTS* fan absolutely loves this. I mean she reeeeallly loves it, almost as much as she loves BTS. It does make a rather wonderful lets-pretend-we’re-having-a takeout dinner and can mostly be made (sauce) and prepped (chicken + garnishes) in advance. It’s yummy. I don’t see why you couldn’t substitute a firm white fish… Continue reading Korean sesame chicken

Brazilian Chicken + Prawn Xinxim

This is utterly delicious. You could leave out the prawns, fling in more chicken, or leave out the chicken and whack in some white fish – it’s yummy whichever way you want to serve it. This recipe is from Diana Henry’s wonderful A Bird in The Hand book which is literally a winner winner chicken… Continue reading Brazilian Chicken + Prawn Xinxim

Turmeric chicken kebabs

AKA tasty simple BBQ food. A little prep, an hour of marinating, and Bob’s your uncle (or in my case it’s Nigel or Neçdet). Shown here with courgette fritters / mücver at a recent summer barbecue where they didn’t last long. The chicken recipe is by Sabrina Ghayour yet again, because her recipes are super!… Continue reading Turmeric chicken kebabs

Chicken with dumplings

This is basically a vegetable soup with leftover chicken (often I just pan fry some skinless boneless chicken thighs first), but it could easily be made into a veggie version, and you can use different herbs depending on what you have to hand. Whichever way you make it, it’s delicious and straightforward. Flinging the casserole… Continue reading Chicken with dumplings

Chicken shawarma

This Nigella Lawson recipe is one I’ve made so many times that the page in the cookbook is now all splattered and sticks together – I even took all of the spices over to France once in order to make an epic batch of it for a company retreat with my colleagues (yes I know… Continue reading Chicken shawarma

Vietnamese lemon grass chicken

This is from Bill Granger’s excellent Bill’s Everyday Asian book and its always a crowd pleaser. It’s quick, simple, and we have it regularly. I’ve made batches in its entirety (bar the spring onion) and frozen it, or cooked the whole thing early in the day and re-heated in the evening as part of a… Continue reading Vietnamese lemon grass chicken

Chicken with tarragon + dijon mustard

Another quick Diana Henry recipe that we’ve returned to time and time again – ignore the knob of butter on the rice in the photo (I was messing around with presentation) and instead melt the remaining buttery tarragon yumminess and serve as a sauce. Serves 4. Ingredients 50g salted butter (room temp or softer) 8… Continue reading Chicken with tarragon + dijon mustard

Chicken with black pudding + pine nuts

I’ve made more food from Diana Henry’s amazeballs A Bird in The Hand cookbook than possibly any other recipe book I own – I’ve also bought copies for numerous friends and they all love it too. Black pudding might not be for everyone, but my family love it and we return to this dish time… Continue reading Chicken with black pudding + pine nuts